To Visualize the Data Tables

The appropriate visualization software is needed to display the data tables on this Web site.

The file extension indicates the visualizer to be used:

Extension Download
.ivt Download Beyond 20/20 Browser
Access restricted to University members
.xls Free download of Microsoft Excel Viewer
.pdf Free download of Adobe Acrobat
.mif Free download of MapInfo ProViewer
.e00 Free download of Geomatica FreeView

Download Beyond 20/20 Browser® version 7.0 SP4

  • The Beyond 20/20 Browser is under licence use restricted to University members.
  • To download the Beyond 20/20 Browser on your desktop, you need a Proxy, VPN, DAS connection with your university.

Download Beyond 20/20

  • For technical assistance on the installation of the browser, please refer to the personnel responsible for this service at your university.
  • For help on how to use this visualizer efficently, you may refer to the Beyond 20/20 Browser - User Guide (pdf, 314 pages) or the QuickStart Guide (pdf, 30 pages).

Last modified : August 25, 2010