Small Area Business and Labour Database (SABAL)
(1996 edition)


Only the 1996 edition is available for this product.


In response to growing demand for data on small geographic areas, Statistics Canada has developed the Small Area Business and Labour Database (SABAL). SABAL combines a wide variety of economic and social statistics, and provides coverage of approximately 140 urban areas and 72 economic regions, in addition to Canada, the Provinces and Territories. Some data are not available at all geographic levels.

SABAL also includes metadata on each of these data sources and a promotion advertising the other products and services offered by the contributing STC subject-matter Divisions.

Adult Education and Training

Building Permits and Housing Starts

Business Register

Census of Population

Consumer Price Index (CPI)


Family Expenditure

Income and Housing Section

Justice (Crime Statistics)

Labour Force Survey


Motor Vehicle Registrations

Population Estimates and Projections

Retail Trade

Revenue Canada Business Administrative Data

Taxfiler Families

Tourism - Domestic Travel

Tourism - International Travel

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