Elementary-Secondary Education Survey (ESES)


This product replaces Elementary Secondary Education Statistics Project (ESESP) since 2009.


Elementary-Secondary Education Survey (Survey number 5102) is a national survey that enables Statistics Canada to provide information on enrolments, graduates, educators and finance of Canadian elementary-secondary public educational institutions. This information is used mainly to meet policy and planning needs in the field of elementary-secondary education.

ESES is an annual survey that collects aggregate data from each provincial/territorial Ministry or Department of Education. Specifically, the information on enrolments pertains to the following two programs: regular and minority and second languages education. The information on regular programs is collected by type of programs (regular, upgrading and professional), education sector (youth or adult), grade and sex. The one on minority and second language programs is collected by type of program (immersion, as language of instruction, as a subject thought) and by grade.

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Last modified : January 26, 2012