Project Overview

The Web site Statistical and Geographic data is a project put forward by the Sub-committee on libraries of the Conference of Rectors and Principals of Quebec Universities (CREPUQ).

First launched in 2001, the Quebec University libraries took this initiative of creating an Internet access to statistical and geographic data following the movement of democratisation of access to government data in the late nineties.

Focused on their mandate to support and work in synergy with their local institutional mission of teaching and research, the Quebec University libraries quickly realised that taking a membership in Statistic Canada Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) was not enough to meet the needs of their community of researchers, professors and students. The DLI programme gives to the participating libraries, over payment of a membership fee, a licence to access public statistical and geographic data produced by the divisions of Statistic Canada in multiple and diversified sectors of activities.

In order to enhance access to the data provided by this programme, the Quebec University libraries have developped a collective Web interface to give their users an organised and structured access to the DLI collection with a performing search engine. With the realization of this project, Quebec University libraries have given their users a French and English access to the collection, regardless of time and distance.

In 2006 an additional investment was agreed upon by the Sub-committee on libraries to allow a new edition of the Web site. This new edition features the new standards of XHTML mark-up and use of style sheets (CSS) in addition to an optimized content organisation and a more user friendly interface. This new edition of the Website, carried out in three phases, which last took place in 2008-2009, remains to be completed for minor elements.

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Last modified : November 4, 2015