Canadian Business Patterns (CBP)


The NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) is revised every five years so :

  1. Since reference period December 2006, the CBP use NAICS 2007
  2. From reference periods June 2002 to June 2006, the CBP used the NAICS 2002
  3. From reference periods December 1998 to December 2001, the CBP used the NAICS 1997

For previous years (before 1998), data are presented using SIC-E classification. Concordance tables showing the relationships between classification systems are available in documentation sections for each year.

This edition introduces the use of ‘statistical location’ counts, in addition to the usual establishment counts. This edition will be the only one to compile both location and establishment counts. Beginning with the December 2009 Canadian Business Patterns, only location counts will be provided.

Beginning with this edition of Canadian Business Patterns, census subdivisions (CSD) will no longer be available as a geographical area. The decision to remove this variable was based upon the volatility of the counts between the different versions of the CBP, specifically with regards to rural areas.


This product (Statistics Canada Catalogue No. 61F004XCB) contains data that reflect counts of business establishments and/or statistical locations by employment size ranges (9) and by geography groupings: province and territory, census division, census subdivision (until 2008 june edition), census metropolitan area and census agglomeration.

The major sources of information come from the Business Register who is a repository of information reflecting the Canadian business population.

Included in the Business Register are all Canadian businesses wich meet at least one of the three following criteria:
  1. Have an employee workforce for which they submit payroll remittances to CRA (Canada Revenue Agency)
  2. Have a minimum of $30,000 in annual sales revenue
  3. Are incorporated under a federal or provincial act and have filed a federal corporate income tax form within the past three years

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Last modified : September 16, 2013