Survey of household spending data (SHS)


Since 2011 edition, Household spending data are available in CANSIM: CANSIM table203-0021 to 203-0028, CANSIM table203-0030 and CANSIM table203-0031.
Data tables are also available from the Summary tables module of the Statistics Canada website.


This product includes most of the content from the former Family Expenditure Survey which was conducted approximately every four years (last edition 1996) and the Household Facilities and Equipment Survey (last edition 1997). The Survey of Household Spending is carried out annually across Canadain the ten provinces. Data for the territories are available for 1998,1999 and every second year thereafter.

The product provides detailed information on household expenditures, dwelling characteristics, and ownership of household equipment such asappliances, communications and entertainment equipment, and vehicles.

Last modified : August 29, 2014