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Only the 1999 edition is available.

The product Health Indicators (Statistics Canada Catalogue No. 82-221-XIB) provides similar data online since 2000 edition.


Health indicators provides a set of core data for the examination of the health situation in Canada. Aggregated data are organized into four categories: determinants of health, health status, health resources, and health utilization (see list below). Extended time series for Canada, provinces and territories, and depending upon the indicator data are cross-classified by age and sex, and sometimes education.

Determinants of health includes indicators which influence health status such as population characteristics, environment, socio-economic conditions, lifestyle of individuals and the many behavioural elements of individual risk. Health status refers to the measures of health and well being, perceived or diagnosed, in the population. Health resource indicators reflect the means brought to bear to restore or maintain the health of individuals; these can be human, physical, financial and organizational. Health utilization indicators reflect the resources and services used by the population.

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