Adult Correctional Services (ACS)


This product contains all data of the Adult Correctional Services formely included in the Justice product.


The Adult Correctional Services (ACS) survey provides important indicators as to the nature and characteristics of correctional caseflow that are of use to agencies responsible for the delivery of these services, the media and the public. The survey collects annual data on the delivery of adult correctional services from both the provincial/territorial and federal correctional systems. Key themes include: new admissions (commencements) to correctional programs of sentenced custody, probation, conditional sentences and other community-based programs. The survey also captures information on conditional releases to the community including parole and statutory release. In addition, the survey collects aggregate information on the financial and human resources involved in the delivery of adult correctional services. The survey uses two collection instruments: aggregate data are entered into Excel spreadsheets; and automated extraction of microdata from local information systems. Units of count are tabulated from the microdata and included as part of the annual ACS survey process described above.

Last modified : March 15 2011