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1991 Census of Population

    Digital Boundary Files Digital Cartographic Files
Coverage Level ArcInfo MapInfo ArcInfo MapInfo
Newfoundland Census consolidated subdivision (CCS) g91ccs10.zip      
Census subdivision (CSD) g91csd10.zip   g91csd10.zip l91csd10.zip
Census tract (CT) g91ct10.zip      
Enumeration area (EA) g91ea10.zip l91ea10.zip    
Census division (CD) g91cd10.zip      
Federal electroal district (FED)       l91fed10.zip
Prince Edward Island Census consolidated subdivision (CCS) 91ccs11.zip      
Census subdivision (CSD) g91csd11.zip   g91csd11.zip l91csd11.zip
Census tract (CT)        
Enumeration area (EA) g91ea11.zip l91ea11.zip    
Census division (CD) g91cd11.zip      
Federal electroal district (FED)       l91fed11.zip
Nova Scotia Census consolidated subdivision (CCS) g91ccs12.zip      
Census subdivision (CSD) g91csd12.zip   g91csd12.zip l91csd12.zip
Census tract (CT) g91ct12.zip      
Enumeration area (EA) g91ea12.zip l91ea12.zip    
Census division (CD) g91cd12.zip      
Federal electroal district (FED)       l91fed12.zip
New Brunswick Census consolidated subdivision (CCS) g91ccs13.zip      
Census subdivision (CSD) g91csd13.zip   g91csd13.zip l91csd13.zip
Census tract (CT) g91ct13.zip      
Enumeration area (EA) g91ea13.zip l91ea13.zip    
Census division (CD) g91cd13.zip      
Federal electroal district (FED)       l91fed13.zip
Quebec Census consolidated subdivision (CCS) g91ccs24.zip      
Census subdivision (CSD) g91csd24.zip   g91csd24.zip l91csd24.zip
Census tract (CT) g91ct24.zip      
Enumeration area (EA) g91ea24.zip l91ea24.zip    
Census division (CD) g91cd24.zip      
Federal electroal district (FED)       l91fed24.zip
Ontario Census consolidated subdivision (CCS) g91ccs35.zip      
Census subdivision (CSD) g91csd35.zip   g91csd35.zip l91csd35.zip
Census tract (CT) g91ct35.zip      
Enumeration area (EA) g91ea35.zip l91ea35.zip    
Census division (CD) g91cd35.zip      
Federal electroal district (FED)       l91fed35.zip
Manitoba Census consolidated subdivision (CCS) g91ccs46.zip      
Census subdivision (CSD) g91csd46.zip   g91csd46.zip l91csd46.zip
Census tract (CT) g91ct46.zip      
Enumeration area (EA) g91ea46.zip l91ea46.zip    
Census division (CD) g91cd46.zip      
Federal electroal district (FED)       l91fed46.zip
Saskatchewan Census consolidated subdivision (CCS) g91ccs47.zip      
Census subdivision (CSD) g91csd47.zip   g91csd47.zip l91csd47.zip
Census tract (CT) g91ct47.zip      
Enumeration area (EA) g91ea47.zip l91ea47.zip    
Census division (CD) g91cd47.zip      
Federal electroal district (FED)       l91fed47.zip
Alberta Census consolidated subdivision (CCS) g91ccs48.zip      
Census subdivision (CSD) g91csd48.zip   g91csd48.zip l91csd48.zip
Census tract (CT) g91ct48.zip      
Enumeration area (EA) g91ea48.zip l91ea48.zip    
Census division (CD) g91cd48.zip      
Federal electroal district (FED)       l91fed47.zip
British Columbia Census consolidated subdivision (CCS) g91ccs59.zip      
Census subdivision (CSD) g91csd59.zip   g91csd59.zip l91csd59.zip
Census tract (CT) g91ct59.zip      
Enumeration area (EA) g91ea59.zip l91ea59.zip    
Census division (CD) g91cd59.zip      
Federal electroal district (FED)       l91fed59.zip
Yukon Territory Census consolidated subdivision (CCS) g91ccs60.zip      
Census subdivision (CSD) g91csd60.zip   g91csd60.zip l91csd60.zip
Census tract (CT)        
Enumeration area (EA) g91ea60.zip l91ea60.zip    
Census division (CD) g91cd60.zip      
Federal electroal district (FED)       l91fed60.zip
Census consolidated subdivision (CCS) g91ccs61.zip      
Census subdivision (CSD) g91csd61.zip   g91csd61.zip l91csd61.zip
Census tract (CT)        
Enumeration area (EA) g91ea61.zip l91ea61.zip    
Census division (CD) g91cd61.zip      
Federal electroal district (FED)       l91fed61.zip

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