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2001 Census of Population



  • Cumulative and Thematic Profiles
    The main set of Profile files group the 21 standard census themes into seven variable groupings, or "profiles". Tables are then created from these seven profiles for all levels of census geography. Profiles differ from other aggregate census data in providing a larger number of themes in the same file for a given geographic area.
    The Thematic Profiles group data by thematic subsets and various levels of census geography.
  • Topic-Based Tabulations
    Topic-Based Tabulations present the same series of counts as in the Profile Tables, but separated back into the 20 major themes. This makes each table more manipulable. Topic based tabulations are replacing the «Nation Series», the «Dimension Series» and the «Basic Sumary Tables Series»

  • 2001 Census Aboriginal Population Profiles(Statistics Canada Web Site)
    These profiles contain information on the Aboriginal identity population for various communities in Canada where the Aboriginal identity population is above 250. Communities, include; cities, towns, villages, Indian reserves and Indian settlements, counties or their equivalents and metropolitan areas.
  • Federal Electoral District (FED) Profile(Statistics Canada Web Site)
    This profile presents data from the 2001 Census for both the 1996 Representation Order and the 2003 Representation Order.
  • 2001 Community Profiles (Statistics Canada Web Site)
    Community level information.
  • Profile for Statistical Area Classification(Statistics Canada Web Site)
    Profile for Statistical Area Classification according to Urban and Rural Area and Census Metropolitan Area, Census Agglomeration Area Influenced Zones (MIZ).
  • Dissolved Census Subdivision Profile(Statistics Canada Web Site)
    Complete profile of all census subdivisions whose boundaries were abolished in 1996 to 2001 in part because municipal amalgamations.
  • 2001 Provincial and Territorial Profiles(Statistics Canada Web Site)
    This profile provides a statistical overview at the provincial and territorial geographic level, presenting most of the census variables.

  • Analysis Series(Statistics Canada Web Site)
    This series includes a number of comprehensive articles which supplement the day-of-release information launched through The Daily.

Last modified : December 1 2008